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My life is driven by the tick of the clock and the size of the sun. By the beat of my heart and by the rhythm of life’s drum. It is pointed in many directions, but only has one destination. It began in a moment, and will end in an instant. There are many people that come and go, those that stay are ones to know. I’ve only experienced the littlest things, life has yet to really bring. I’m young and naive and still so immature. But still, I feel as if I’m old-er. All this stress and all these responsibilities, all these relationships and all the “failed-to-be”s. My heart has been broken several times before, the pain it brings still haunts me, these love crimes, forever more. Forever less, and forever in-between, forever is never going to be enough for me. I need something so honest and true. Something, or someone like you. But i haven’t met you, no, not just yet. There is just so much more coming my way, I bet. Problems and solutions to those that are next, equations of life, plus love, minus sex. I used to set my mind on lust, but what I truly longed for was trust. Someone to always share my life til it ended, not someone to just fuck whenever I intended. 

You were my everything. Honestly, i loved you like no other and i can’t think of ever feeling this way for anyone else. I let you down and i know that, i gave up when i should of kept fighting. I should of kept this love alive but i completely failed. I failed you, and i failed myself. I keep my hopes up so high just for some form of hint, some sign that the universe is out of whack and the only way to regain balance is in some sort or miraculous event that you would just give me a chance to prove my worth. To prove that i’ve changed for the better and that i could treat you better than a queen, and more than just a women, or a friend. A small glimmer of hope to surrender myself to you, so you could shape me into whom you would want, to whom you would love. Whenever i see you i grow weak and helpless, whenever i think of you my hunger for love grows more and more, whenever i feel your touch i die inside knowing that i’ve come into contact. I am helplessly and madly in love. I tell myself lies that i’ll find someone someday, but i feel as if i already had.


Who, What, When, Where, & Why.

I love how open, honest, and sincere this is. This really touched my heart.

why can’t I have this…

I’m stuck

in between a time of love and a time of lost. I have no idea where i’m going and I feel like I haven’t moved from this spot ever since… 

Trying Not To Love You by Nickelback

Nickelback - Trying not to love you

Wherever someone thinks of you, that’s where home is.
500 Days of Summer.

500 Days of Summer.


This song is about me.