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A Rocket To The Moon - Like We Used To

Random Thought #36:

Sigh, I’ve probably heard and spoke my mind about this topic before and I know plenty of people talk about it as well, but I just felt like writing about it since I really haven’t been practicing my writing or actually venting my thoughts lately either. I hate it when people degrade themselves openly and publicly, its repulsive and honestly not attractive at all. I know if you were to try and joke around about it, it will make it seem “funny” but trust me, it’s not. It just annoys me. I know people have their flaws and their insecurities but tainting your own name doesn’t make it any better than it already is. Slandering yourself just so people sympathize with you won’t help, you have to realize what is wrong and change it yourself. No one else. I’ve come to know that now and I’m 110% determined to improve myself so that no one can ever look down on me again, so no one can call me names or make fun of me for what they see. I’ll prove everyone wrong, I just know I will.

hey, i know this is completely random and out of the blue but I just wanted to let you know that I’m really and sincerely sorry for what happened between us. I didn’t mean for it to end this like, for the way it did. I was stressed and had to make a decision, i should of just told you flat out that I wasn’t going to have enough time for a relationship instead of making up that other lie, but I did it so you would completely forget about me. And I hope it worked, but now i just feel like I have the need to apologize cause I hurt a very special and kind loving person and I had no right to do so. So again, i’m sorry and I hope you could forgive me.

Life’s been pretty quiet lately. Maybe Gods telling me something, maybe I wasn’t cut out for all this city stuff?? 

Why do I feel so god damn empty… Fuck this shit…

I saw the prettiest girl today at work. Thing is, she wasn’t Asian…. :O <— That was my face when she walked in!! 

I miss you so much,

and you will have no fucking idea just how fucking much I wanted to let you know..

Unspoken Feelings.


FUCK! I can barely breathe… Working out has never been so hard… I really need to quit smoking. I’m becoming one of those chain smokers. I’ve gone from a couple a day to almost half a pack and it’s getting worse. I blame work and school for this >_<’ then again… I don’t have to do it… FUCK ME! quit quit quit quit!!!